what we can do for you

Obsidian provides a wide array of residential general contracting services for real estate developers across the southeast, as well as individual homebuyers.  In our construction work with developers, we primarily do cost plus fee contracting, although we also offer estimates, project management, and warranty services for individual units.


Expect excellence from an Obsidian turnkey, semi-custom home or home and homesite construction package.  We pride ourselves on working only with proven developers on unique projects in strong markets, so your home will be planned for your lifestyle, but will remain in high demand in future markets.

For an Obsidian home and homesite pre-sale package, just select your ideal floor plan from your developer’s portfolio, or Obsidian's, then choose from the available structural changes and finish selections to customize your home to suit your lifestyle. These options are all previously reviewed by the developers, so your home will be tailored to your preferences while remaining within community design guidelines.  After you choose your preferred homesite, the Obsidian team can even provide you with construction financing for your home closing.


If your development is in the very early phases, we offer grading and infrastructure installation to get your project started right.  We can assist in developing a portfolio of home plans consistent with your development’s design and pricing guidelines.  This portfolio will include custom options to appeal to potential buyers.  If you already have a design portfolio, we can start with construction of a sales model (or models) to showcase your distinctive architectural styles and construction quality.

When infrastructure and sales models are already in place, we offer developer packages that include a combination of finished speculative units alongside presale home and homesite options for buyers.  These presales will give buyers appealing choices from developer-approved exterior finish and internal structural changes prior to home construction. 

If your development is already significantly underway, we can handle the construction and sale of individual homes and homesites within your existing planned developments.  Additionally, we can give oversight and implement adjustments to the infrastructure of your original plan in order to accommodate changes and new model options.